A company aims to raise 500 000 days of clean water to help with the water crisis in South Africa

A company aims to raise 500 000 days of clean water to help with the water crisis in South Africa.
Procter & Gamble SA has announced it has a goal to raise 500 000 days of clean water, as part of the global P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Programme, an which initiative looks to tackle water issues currently facing South Africa.
As we have seen, flash flooding, as a result of drought, can also wreak devastation on underprivileged communities.
Since 2004, the programme has provided more than 11 billion litres of clean water to desperate communities around the world.
To help address the problem of access to clean water in Africa, in the last 12 years, the programme has managed to provide over 6 billion litres of clean drinking water to 40 countries on the African continent through its P&G water purifying packets.
“Clean water does not only quench thirst, promote health and prevent unnecessary deaths, it means more people can work and enhance productivity.
In fact, the World Health Organisation has estimated that every one US dollar invested in clean water, sanitation and hygiene generates four US dollars in increased productivity, which enables sustainable and equitable economic growth,” said Mabaso, addressing the long-term effects of water in destitute communities.
This will assist in achieving one of the United Nation’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals – ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.
The CSDW continues to provide clean water to our neighbouring countries as well, to ensure that even more communities have their lives enhanced by this basic human right,” Mabaso concluded in his statement.
P&G’s clean water programme comes at a crucial time in South Africa.

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