Analysis: Heineken brews up a better report

Analysis: Heineken brews up a better report.
Sustainability pervades the Dutch brewer’s first integrated report from cover to cover but it could use its global presence to be a greater advocate for action to tackle climate change, says Peter Statham Fierce competition among brewers has transformed the global beer market.
And it’s serious about sustainability.
For the first time, Heineken has integrated sustainability information in its annual report and no longer publishes a separate sustainability report.
In contrast to some attempts to integrate reporting, Heineken does a good job, including sustainability references almost from cover to cover.
And the brewer has saved €13.5m (£11.5m) through water efficiency projects since 2009, a clear business benefit.
‘Without water Heineken wouldn’t exist’ The Sustainability Review, a section within the report, provides an overview of progress against Brewing a Better World, Heineken’s sustainability strategy, consisting of six areas: water, CO2, sourcing, responsible consumption, health and safety, and communities.
Perhaps it’s time for absolute water targets, or, even better, science-based water targets that will contribute to avoiding a global water crisis.
Heineken ‘should raise its voice’ Considering the potential impact of climate change and water scarcity on Heineken’s business, I’d like to see more about how it’s using its influence, and presence in 190 countries, to advocate for climate action while it is “brewing a better world”. See also: Heineken shows its bottle on climate Heineken sustainability report beer Integrated reporting SDGs water management

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