Another ‘Manjhi’: Man Digs a Pond Over 27 Years in Chhattisgarh

Another ‘Manjhi’: Man Digs a Pond Over 27 Years in Chhattisgarh.
Stories of human resilience and strength are always an inspiration.
However, there are a few who have pushed the boundaries of human capability to levels many find hard to believe.
Over the last 27 years, he has kept on the fight single-handedly.
No help came from the government, but he went on digging selflessly.
If the authorities want to willingly help me then it’s fine and even if they don’t, I will continue digging until the pond is full of water.
I will dig till I am alive, whether the govt helps or not.
It took him 22 years to carve a road through the mountain using just a hammer and chisel.
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