Aqua Virginia customers in Chesapeake under boil-water advisory after storm

By Katherine Hafner, originally posted on October 12, 2016


UPDATE, Wednesday evening: An Aqua Virginia spokeswoman said in an email the second set of water samples has been ruled clean. The boil-water advisory is lifted.


About 500 customers of a private utility in northern Chesapeake are under a boil-water advisory after a power outage over the weekend.

Aqua Virginia’s Indian River system lost power Saturday night because of Hurricane Matthew, Aqua spokeswoman Gretchen Toner said in an email Wednesday.

The utility’s service area, which covers the small community of Norfolk Highlands including the Indian River Shopping Center, has been under the advisory ever since.

Toner said a power outage can cause water pressure to drop, creating the possibility for contamination. The notice for residents to boil water for a minute or so before using is a precautionary measure, she said.

After issuing such an advisory, the company is required to collect and test two sets of water samples on consecutive days. Toner said Aqua received clean test results for the first set and could receive the second set later today.

She did not know when the advisory would be lifted but said when the utility does so, officials will notify customers though phone, text, email and signs around the neighborhood.

Chesapeake officials said in a press release the advisory does not affect customers on the city water system.

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