Armed with empty pots, they come seeking water

With water scarcity looming large in Vadakku Kalankarai village of Korampallam panchayat, most of the affected residents from the village thronged the Collectorate here on Monday with empty pots seeking the intervention of the district administration to ensure regular supply of drinking water.
Six months ago, borewells, which remained the key source of water, were cleaned up with the active participation of the local community and people managed to access water to some extent.
But of late, these wells have also dried up.
Though the issue was brought to the notice of the Secretary of Korampallam panchayat and the Block Development Officer of Thoothukudi Union, nothing has been done.
An aggrieved resident, Siva Mariammal, said there was only one water pump and it was not sufficient to cater to the needs of all households in the village and sought more such pumps.
S. Perumalkani, another affected woman, said people had no alternative but to buy packaged drinking water cans after walking up two kilometers.
“One can of water was sold at Rs.
25 when it was bought directly from the seller at the selling point and the same quantity of water was sold at Rs.
40 when it was delivered at the doorstep,” she said.
Subbulakshmi, another affected villager said the officials should at least take steps to supply water through tanker lorries during the scorching summer.

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