Assam: Smart City? "First give us a decent Guwahati with basic amenities"

Guwahati May 17: Water scarcity is reeling excessively in guwahati,as residents are facing a severe problem with water crisis.Agencies responsible for providing piped water supply to the people are much to be blamed for this problem.
The urban water supply here provides water just once a day.
It hardly suffices even half our daily requirement,” says Pranati Das, a resident of Hengerabari Road where piped water is supplied by the Assam Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Board.
“In our locality we used to get water supply at full force for up to four hours every day in the afternoon.
According to GMC sources, water supply in some areas of the city has been affected due to the old and obsolete machinery of the Satpukhuri water plant.
“Moreover, the residents getting water supply through the Nabagraha line are also getting irregular water supply.
Of the 69 functional piped water supply schemes (PWSS), only 34 were supplying sufficient water.
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