Barc: Water Investment Opportunities Amid $1 Trillion Of Domestic Solutions Needed

Thermoelectric power and irrigation are the two largest consumers of this most valuable resource, accounting for 77% of the water used by businesses within the United States every year.
However, while these companies withdraw more water than others, the way they use the water is significant.
Meanwhile, the oil and gas sector may not use as much water as other industries but it’s water use is significant as a lot is wasted.
There are a host of technologies and practices that can transform alternative sources of water for drinking and industrial uses.
The companies that produce these technologies are well-placed to profit from water scarcity as authorities around the world try and prevent a full-blown catastrophe.
Portable water reuse technologies are starting to help with the goal of recycling more water.
Water recycling and reuse is just one element of the way the world is adapting to ensure a water catastrophe does not unfold.
AMI systems can help utilities identify water leaks, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and communicate the value of water to customers.
Dry cooling can reduce water use significantly, but these savings may come with efficiency losses.
Bottom line: lots of potential water investment opportunities for for investors.

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