Bengaluru: Now, special ‘ambulances’ to meet water needs in rural areas

Bengaluru: Now, special ‘ambulances’ to meet water needs in rural areas.
The government has been encountering problems in streamlining drinking water supply to residential areas in the rural belt.
Therefore, it has been decided to press ‘water ambulances’ into service for proper management of water supply and redressal the problems on the spot.
One water ambulance (drinking water emergency service vehicle) will be functional within the jurisdiction of each of the zilla panchayats.
As per the order issued by rural water supply and sanitation department, these water ambulances will be obtained through outsourcing.
The expenses to maintain the service will be met out of the fund allotted for National Rural Drinking Water Scheme.
Staff having enough experience and technical expertise have to be appointed for receiving complaints, managing the ambulance and repairing it, as per the requirements and their emoluments would be met out of the above fund.
The scheme requires the officials to receive complaints at taluk and district levels and record the same in logbook or registration register.
For the purpose of maintenance of this service, space should be set aside in the divisional offices of rural water supply department, with one nodal officer at the district level to monitor its implementation.
The order has also stipulated that report should be submitted on the last day of every week about the functioning of water ambulance.

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