Berhampur reeling under water shortage

Berhampur reeling under water shortage.
Berhampur (odisha), Apr 27 The Silk City of Odisha is reeling under acute shortage of water with a reduction in water supply from multiple sources.
The city requires around 54 million litres of water daily but supply from multiple sources has dipped to 47 million litres a day, an official said.
In peak summer, the demand rises to as much as 70 million litres of water and wells and ponds dry up at that time.
Meanwhile, River Rushikulya, one of the main source of drinking water, is gradually drying up.
"Water from the Rushikulya comes from Madhapur, about 30 km from the city, which generaly supplies around 30 million litres a day to the city," Executive Engineer of Berhampur Public Health Engineering Department, Sitaram Panda, said.
At present, the water supply has reduced to 20 to 25 million litres per day, Panda said.
In the bid to cope with the shortage, Panda said, 34 water tankers have been pressed into service.
We also have plans to bore 140 tubewells in the town and install 125 water tanks," he said The water scarcity is also leading to frequent quarrels among people standing in long queues in front of tube wells and dry taps in several places.
This is a common scene in our locality where water supply is erratic," Bankim Mishra, a resident of Rama Nagara, said.

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