Big question on New Orleanians’ minds after east bank boil-water order? ‘Who do you blame?’

Cell phones across New Orleans vibrated with bad news on Saturday morning: The Sewerage & Water Board had issued a precautionary boil-water advisory for the city’s entire east bank.
So residents were advised not to drink unboiled tap water or use it to cook, brush their teeth or make ice until the test results are in Sunday.
In the meantime, they can safely use tap water if they boil it for at least one minute first.
Also, someone has to run to the store to stock up on bottled water and even soft drinks, because the soda fountain uses tap water.
On Oct. 19, an advisory was issued for the Lower 9th Ward after a pressure drop affected only that area.
Café Dauphine owner Fred Henry, 43, said that he lost business last month when potential customers decided not to drive across the Industrial Canal to a place where the water might not be potable.
This is unacceptable to me, to my colleagues on the City Council, and to the residents of New Orleans."
When a second tower is completed next year, the system should be able to forestall pressure drops for up to 40 minutes after a power loss.
Boil-water advisories now are issued whenever pressure drops below 20 psi.
Café Dauphine’s Casby said he drinks tap water without hesitation despite the warnings.

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