Bloomfield issues a boil water advisory

by Sonia Owchariw, originally posted on July 8, 2016


Bloomfield Township has issued a boil water advisory for residents.

Sampling and testing is underway, with results expected Saturday afternoon.

“A motor vehicle accident has caused severe damage to a water main and, as a precaution, the township is presently under a boil water advisory,” the municipal website states. “While at this time, the presence of e-coli or fecal coliform has not been detected in the water system, water main breaks of this nature require the township to sample and re-sample the water to verify that these contaminants have not been introduced into the water system.

“Therefore, until further notice, all water used for consumption, brushing teeth and washing dishes should be boiled for at least one minute before use. Use of bottled water is encouraged.”

According to Bloomfield Police Sgt. Ralph Marotti, a semi truck hit a fire hydrant at 10:32 a.m. Thursday at 1409 Broad St. The hydrant has since been repaired.

“When there’s a drop in water pressure, we test every site to assure that no contamination has entered the water,” Bloomfield Township Manager Matthew Watkins told Bloomfield Life on Friday. “Once it’s clear that there is no contamination, we lift the ban.”

“We do robocalls, which are recorded messages alerting residents about emergencies,” Watkins said.

The township notified residents of the water advisory via Swift 911, which replaced Code Red. Due to the switch, “many people didn’t receive phone calls, and we made 13,000 phone calls,” Watkins said.

His message to residents: “Please sign up for Swift 911. Our intention is to call you and put an update out within the next few hours and tomorrow.”

Swift 911 alerts citizens about targeted events, such as water main breaks or utility outages in specific neighborhoods. It also includes general municipal information, including recycling and garbage collection, tax information or health matters.

The system delivers pre-recorded messages via telephone, cell phone, email or text, depending on user preferences. To sign up, text to SWIFT911 or 99538, and include your contact information.

For more information about the water advisory, visit or call the Bloomfield Water Department at 973-680-4177.

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