Boil Advisory For Parts of Evansville West Side

by Bri Williams, originally posted on June 25, 2016


Update: Boil Advisory lifted

 Cherry St. between S.E. Fourth St. and S.E. 6th St., Vann Ave. from Waggoner Ave. to Sweetser, S.E. First St. from Locust St. south to E. Chandler Ave, chestnut St. from S.E. First St. to S.E. Riverside Dr., Between Buchanan Road and Keller St. and parts of North. Boeke Road.

Previous Story:

Part of Evansville’s West side is under a boil advisory tonight. Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities responded to a water main break in the 3500 block of Upper Mount Vernon Road this afternoon.

The road had to be shut down after buckling from the pressure of the water. Crews were on scene clearing water from the line to begin repairing the break.

We’re told the line supplies water to much of the West side prompting a precautionary boil advisory. Pat Keepes says, “That advisory will last at least a couple of days, until we get passing chlorination tests, they’ll be advised when the advisory is lifted but they just do need to take that precaution.”

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