Boil advisory impacting every day tasks for residents

Smothers Park was bustling on Friday because the boil notice forced schools to cancel classes.
Parents say they wanted to keep their kids active, occupied, and away from water sources.
Some said they were worried about going to places with fountain drinks, afraid their families could get sick.
Others are avoiding water at all costs.
We’ve been using baby wipe, fortunately we already have them.
Baby wipes for baths.
And then we put water in all the cups for brushing teeth and things like that.
"I’m hoping to go to Evansville to see if there’s anyplace up there that we can go eat and not have to worry about getting drinks of water," mother Kate Wellington said.
Owensboro Municipal Utilities (OMU) says it is safe to shower and wash hands with the water, even though there’s a boil notice.
Just don’t drink it until the notice is lifted.

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