Boil advisory issued for Town of Washington, elementary closed

The Town of Washington is currently under a Boil Order Advisory effective immediately, due to a break in a water line.
Officials say the advisory will remain in effect until further notice.
The water is currently on in the town but will be shut off again Wednesday morning.
Earlier today, Washington residents were without water but around 6:30 p.m. Mayor Joe Pitre said residents should have seen that service returned.
The town’s water system was shut down to repair a fire hydrant that was damaged by a vehicle last week, Pitre said.
That meant the entire system had to be shut off while it was being repaired today, he said.
The hydrant has now been repaired and the water was turned back on, Pitre said.
They’re building up pressure gradually, he said, but residents should be able to use their water now, he said.
Now, a boil order has been issued for the town as a precaution.
All residents to should boil their water for a minute before using.

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