Boil advisory lifted for Falcon Highlands Metro District

By Angelica Lombardi, originally posted on July 27, 2016


FALCON, Colo. – People living in the Falcon Highlands Metro District are no longer under a boil advisory order.

On Wednesday, test results came back negative for bacteria. As a precaution, the district had a ban advisory in place until testing could be completed.

People living in the district woke up Sunday to a water shortage that lasted several hours.

“We were clueless. We had no notification and we didn’t know what was going on,” said Lisa Graham.

The district put out a statement Tuesday night saying an electrical problem caused a pump to fail, which didn’t allow a well to fill up. Low water levels can lead to bacteria growth.

“Why did it take so long to get us notification that we need to be boiling water? We have six kids. They’ve been drinking a lot of water the past few days,” said Graham.

Graham said it took the district nearly three days to post an advisory on her door, three days too long for her and others.

“The day that it happened they should have been going door to door or at least try to communicate the day it happened rather than two days later,” said Dale.

The district is adding a third water line to help water supply, but in the meantime they’ll need to refill the one million gallon water tank before things are back to normal which could take weeks.

On top of the wait, many have a lot questions from a district that has nearly 350 homes and 30 businesses.

“They have a back up generator. So why didn’t the generator come on? That’s kind of confusing,” said Dale.

“What exactly does that mean for our family and how are we going to know if there’s something to watch out for? The communication at this point has been so poor,” said Graham.

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