Boil-water advisory continues for Slidell mobile home community; residents demand answers

A boil water advisory has been in place for nearly a month at the Country Club Trailer Park in Slidell.

-By Natalie Hee, original posted on November 7, 2016


Slidell, L.a. – A boil-water advisory has been in place for nearly a month at the Country Club Trailer Park in Slidell, and residents are wondering when they will have clean water again.

Walter Falco, who has lived at the Country Club Trailer Park in Slidell for 11 years, said that while the water is not as brown as it was a month ago, the boil advisory is still in place and has taken a toll on his health.

“I went to my doctor, and he took one look at my vital signs and said, ’I’m sending you to a specialist for screening for poisoning from contaminated water,’” Falco said.

Falco is frustrated by the condition of his water.

“Not much has changed about the water. We’re on our 30th day straight of the boil notice with no end in sight. I don’t know what to do, and my landlord has provided no information,” Falco said.

Falco wonders when the problem will get fixed.

“Nobody wants to do anything and I don’t have any money for bottled water. I mean bottled water nowadays is very expensive,” Falco said.

Eve Reardon, an attorney at Keating Law Firm, said many other residents at the trailer park have contacted her with similar complaints.

“They’re getting sick, so it’s a big deal. They’re being kind of threatened, and being sent bogus letters about late notices and eviction notices. They’re all scared to come forward,” Reardon said.

Reardon said her firm is investigating the allegations and complaints.

“There’s not a pending lawsuit yet. However, if there’s a number of people with the same complaints, which we’ve had a number come to us already, we could potentially have a class-action lawsuit,” Reardon said.

A representative for Mangano Properties LLC, which manages the Country Club Trailer Park, sent WDSU News a statement in response to residents’ complaints.

“We are unaware of any evidence of any contamination or specific deficiency in our water that would pose a health risk to our residents that has not been addressed by a temporary boil-water advisory, and then remedied to the full satisfaction of the Department of Health and Hospitals and in compliance with all laws and regulations. If any tenant has any such information, we welcome that information. We will promptly investigate that information and take the appropriate action to remedy any confirmed issues, and to continue to provide safe water to our residents.”

Representatives for the state Department of Health and Hospitals said the Country Club Trailer Park has been experiencing issues with low water pressure and maintaining an appropriate disinfectant level.

DHH officials said crew members will inspect the water system again on Wednesday. The boil-water advisory will continue until further notice.

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