Boil water advisory continues in Picton and Bloomfield

Boil water advisory continues in Picton and Bloomfield.
A boil water advisory remains in effect for residents connected to the Picton and Bloomfield water system.
Prince Edward County’s emergency control group held a live press conference Friday afternoon updating residents on the state of the water emergency on the Picton Bay.
This situation began on Friday March 24 when an empty barge owned by Galcon Marine partially sank while docked at Picton Terminals on the Picton Harbour.
There were no injuries and no loss of pollutants except for two five gallon buckets which were on the barge deck at the time.
“We are excited by the result (Thursday night) it probably means we can start (getting plant re-started) sooner than we had hoped but we won’t know for sure until we get test results today along with input from Ministry of Environment and Environment Canada on what to expect in the upcoming days as the ice melts and this product moves through the body of water and then how to we treat it.” McAuley said industry people have reached that have experience in this particular area that are providing technical assistance to staff.
“It is still going to be days away but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.” He said the County has been in close contact with the Ministry of Environment, which is working over-time to get water tested.
Glenn Murray who have offered their support.
Hastings Prince Edward MPP Todd Smith and Bay of Quinte MP Neil Ellis are also in constant contact.
Future updates on the situation are expected later today with a press conference scheduled for tomorrow at 9 .m.

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