Boil water advisory for Beaverlodge

originally posted on December 13, 2016


A boil water advisory was issued by Alberta Health Services for the Town of Beaverlodge Tuesday afternoon.

AHS cautions residents to bring their water to a rolling boil for at least one minute before using it for domestic purposes including drinking, making infant formula and juices, cooking, brushing teeth, washing raw foods and making ice.

AHS issues a boil water advisory when harmful germs such as E. Coli bacteria or the Giardia

parasite may be in a drinking water supply. Contaminated water can make people and their pets very sick, but boiling it will kill the germs and make the water safe to drink

The Beaverlodge Pool has also been temporarily closed.

The advisory was issued as a precautionary measure until the safety of the water can be assured.

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