Boil-water advisory for east bank of New Orleans expected to last until Thursday afternoon

Prompted by another turbine failure at the S&WB’s Carrollton power plant that caused water pressure to drop throughout the system, the boil-water advisory was expected to remain in effect until Thursday afternoon.
The cause of the latest turbine problem was unknown. Only one of the five turbines at the plant was operating most of Wednesday, but the city reported about 7 p.m. that the malfunctioning turbine, No.
The S&WB did not send out a notice about the pressure problems until about a half-hour after the outage, and the initial message in fact said there was no boil-water advisory in place “at this time.” A second message an hour after the pressure dropped announced the advisory.
Those whose immune systems are compromised should not wash their hands, shower or bathe in tap water, the city said.
It was brought online in the past few years and typically is used to power the water and sewer systems. The S&WB decided to produce its own power because of frequent outages in the power from Entergy.
Two water towers being built at the S&WB plant are designed to automatically add water to the pipes to keep the pressure up during a power outage, but those won’t be completed until late 2018, Rainwater said.

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