Boil Water Advisory for Greenbrier County

by Douglas Fritz, originally posted on June 26, 2016


The Greenbrier County Health Department has issued a cease and desist to restaurants and food service operations in light of a boil water advisory which was issued for the entire county.  Public Service Districts in Lewisburg, Alderson, Rupert, Rainelle and White Sulphur Springs are all under boil advisories.

Residents are advised to bring any water used for food preparation or bathing to a full rolling boil for at least one minute.  It should then be allowed to cool before use.

Businesses and organizations which serve food to the public may not use public water for any purpose expect toilet flushing until the advisory is lifted.  The health department has released a document offering guidance for public facilities instead of using bottled water.

Bottled water may be used if boiling is not an option. Water for employee hand washing may be boiled and dispensed from a large thermal container with a flip on dispensing mechanism and a bucket to catch the waste water.  Hand towelettes must be supplied to patrons.

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