Boil-water advisory for Richmond-area well users

originally posted on June 26, 2016


Ottawa Public Health has issued a boil-water advisory for users of the communal well water system in the Kings Park community in Richmond.

The advisory is due to a depressurization in the communal well system in the area, and remains in effect until further notice.

In a press release issued Saturday night, the city said staff would deliver notices to affected residents.

Water users in the affected area are asked to bring their water to a rolling boil for at least one minute before using it for all consumption purposes, including drinking, making juice, ice and infant formula, as well as for use in food preparation.

After boiling, if water is not needed immediately, the health body says, it should be placed in clean containers to cool in the refrigerator. Boiled water should be used when brushing teeth. Boiled water should also be used to rinse dishes after washing. Other non-consumption uses, such as showering, are safe.

Residents who are unable to boil water should consume only bottled water.

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