Boil water advisory in effect in Whitehall

Boil water advisory in effect in Whitehall.
The village of Whitehall issued a boil water advisory slated to begin on May 1 at midnight, but complications with the scheduled work caused the advisory to be rescinded 12 hours after it was issued.
“That’s cutting out a section and replacing it…it could be eight inches, 10 inches it all, depends…it could go up to two feet,” Brock said of the section of pipe to be replaced.
The advisory was rescinded because the DPW crew was having difficulties tracing the leak to its source.
“The problem was not finding the leak – it’s not surfacing,” Brock said.
“It’s following the storm sewer.” As a result, Brock called Rural Water, a Claverack based non-profit organization that assists small communities with their water and wastewater operations.
Brock said the organization has more advanced equipment which will be able to better identify the source of the leak.
Rural Water sent personnel to Whitehall on Monday and they were able to identify the location of the leak and the DPW will commence work on Wednesday, which should only take a few hours.
“It’s a lot faster now than it was 20 years ago.” The boil-water advisory will go into effect again on Wednesday at midnight and remain in effect for three days because the water must undergo three consecutive days of testing to ensure it meets code.
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