Boil water advisory in Kelowna

Boil water advisory in Kelowna.
A water quality advisory has been issued for all customers in the City of Kelowna water utility.
During a water quality advisory, the Interior Health Authority makes the following recommendations: Who should take precaution: People with weakened immune systems or chronic illnesses People under 12 and over 65 years of age People wishing for additional protection How to take precaution: Boil water for one minute, then store in clean covered containers in your refrigerator.
Be sure water is cool before drinking to avoid burns or scalds.
Use filtered or distilled water Use an alternative water resource (e.g. bottled water) The advisory is issued due to higher than normal turbidity levels at water intakes.
The advisory will remain in effect until further notice.
Owners of public facilities and business are required to post water quality advisory notices at all sinks or drinking water fountains accessible to the public.
A notice is available through the city’s website, which can be printed on standard letter size paper and posted until further notice.

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