Boil Water Advisory issued for areas in Lincoln County

Originally posted on July 29, 2016


HUSTONVILLE, Ky. (LEX 18) –¬†People in a Lincoln County town remain under a boil water advisory because of a pipe that burst during this morning’s storm.

A water main break in Hustonville knocked the supply out for 250 customers along Highway 2141 from Thomas Lane until the end of the highway. Water was restored around 6:00, but residents are still under a Boil Water Advisory until further notice.

There is an additional Boil Water Advisory issued, until further notice, for customers of Lincoln County’s McKinney Water District. This is for people who live on Neals Creek Rd, Hwy 698 in the Neals Creek Area, Hwy 27, Hwy 1247, Maywood Rd, Berry Hollow, and any Roads leading off of these. This will affect about 475 Customers.

The creek along Highway 2141 in Hustonville, between the railroad tracks and Thomas Lane was rushing much faster this morning than normal. That makes sense after heavy rain.

But when Josh Sallee turned on his faucet to wash dishes, he had little water.

“It kinda sputtered. Then nothing came out. That’s when I realized the water was off,” said Sallee.

City workers tried to find the source of the leak for hours, losing more than 200,000 gallons of city water during that time.

“With all the heavy rain we had this morning, all of our ditches had a lot of standing water, so it was extremely hard to locate this one,” said Mayor David Peyton.

Hours later, the leak was found near Thomas Lane, and the water was shut off for the surrounding 250 customers.

“Can’t use the toilets, or you can’t flush the toilets at least. You can’t take a shower. Just basic things you take for granted a lot of times,” said Sallee.

Workers spent five hours digging up the ground to find the exact source, and replace the piping. The piece that broke off had been in place since 1939, when the city first got its own water supply.

Mayor Peyton says the city does plan to replace the aging lines, and that process should start before the end of the year.

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