Boil water advisory issued for city of Grayling

by Raphael Pires, originally posted on July 15, 2016


A boil water advisory could impact the city of Grayling for several days.

“Yeah we just know what to do when that happens,” said Bridget Harland, the Owner of Grayling Restaurant. “So we just kick it into gear and employees kick in and everybody just kind of lets everybody else know and we just do what needs to be done.”

Harland has posted the advisory on the front of her restaurant, and said it hasn’t effected her business at all.

“We were all worried if the coffee would be okay but we heard if it was boiled then it was good,” said Kim Diment, a resident of Grayling. “So we enjoyed our coffee and didn’t worry too much about it.”

The Grayling Department of Public Works said they noticed the water pressure was low Thursday morning for about 5 to 10 minutes.

According to regulation, if the pressure in the pipes ever reaches under 20 PSI, then there is the possibility for contamination. That’s when an advisory warning people to take precautions was sent out.

“We actually went out and bought pop and stuff like that and are just serving milk and boiling water for everybody for coffee and just taking the right precautions via the health department,” said Harland.”

But the owner of Goodale’s Bakery said he didn’t receive any information regarding the boil water notice from the city.

He said it was only when a customer walked in and asked him about the situation that he reached out to the city himself.

The city told him not to use his soda fountain and make sure that all dishes are washed with boiled water.

The DPW wants to remind people that the boil notice is only for water that is used for drinking or cooking, so it is safe for people to shower and wash their hands.

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