Boil water advisory issued for Erin

Boil water advisory issued for Erin.
ERIN, Tenn. (CLARKSVILLENOW) – Residents in Erin in Houston County are being advised to boil their water before consumption until further notice.
The Houston County Emergency Management Agency sent out the alert Monday night, according to WKRN News 2.
The water department told News 2 once service is restored it could take up to 48 hours to determine if any bacteria is in the water.
On Monday, thousands of gallons of water were trucked in from nearby Benton County.
The fire department is conserving that water for firefighting, but also gave some of the water to a healthcare facility.
Inmates from the Houston County Jail have also been relocated to Humphreys, Dickson and Stewart County jails temporarily.
While no cause for the water outage has been stated, the area has been dealing with flooding over the last few days.
Schools in Houston County are closed on Tuesday.
For more information call the Erin Water Department at 932-289-4108.

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