Boil water advisory issued for Keswick water customers

by Haleigh Pike, originally posted on August 30, 2016


KESWICK, Calif. – The Shasta County Department of Public Works has issued a boil water advisory for Keswick water customers due to a recent leak that prevented them from being able to maintain pressure in the system.

Officials said the system may have been vulnerable to microbiological contamination during the recent loss of pressure.

Customers are advised to take the following precautions before consuming tap water; boil your water by bringing it to a rolling boil for a minimum of one minute or disinfect your water by adding twelve drops of regular household bleach per gallon of water. After adding the bleach, allow water top stand for 30 minutes before drinking it. Another option is drinking bottled water from another approved source.

Officials said these precautions only apply to water that is being consumed, such as, for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, etc. Water may be used for all other uses, such as, bathing, hand washing, washing clothes or dishes, and toilet flushing, without any special precautions.

The advisory will remain in effect until the water district notifies customers. It is anticipated that this boil advisory will be in effect until 5:00 p.m. Friday, September 2.

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