Boil water advisory issued for Saint-Henri residents

by Tim Sargeant, originally posted on July 7, 2016


MONTREAL – Residents living in the Fattal mixed commercial/residential building on Saint-Rémi Street are being asked to boil their drinking water for at least one minute before consumption.

Tests are being done on the drinking water to determine why so many people have been getting sick in the building.

Sud-Ouest borough Mayor Benoît Dorais told Global News the results of the water tests should be known on Friday.

Dorais said it’s too early to say whether the water problem is due to a plumbing issue within the building or whether it’s related to the water network system controlled by the city.

Temporary water pipes have been installed in the area and will be connected to all the homes when work to renovate the underground water network begins.

This situation is unrelated to the current problems.


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