Boil water advisory issued for section of SRF

SMOOTH ROCK FALLS – A boil water advisory has been issued for residents located on the north end of Fifth Street in Smooth Rock Falls.
Denis Dolbec, senior operator with the Ontario Clean Water Agency, said the advisory, which was called on Tuesday, will likely remain in effect at least until this upcoming weekend.
During repair work on Fifth Street, a water line was accidentally broken, prompting emergency repairs and subsequent the boil water advisory.
Dolbec told The Daily Press in an interview Tuesday afternoon that once the repairs to the broken valve were completed, public works would have to send two sets of water samples taken 24 hours apart for analysis.
The samples, he said, will be sent to a lab in Kirkland Lake.
If both samples come back clear of contaminants, the boil water advisory will be lifted, he said.
According to a release issued by the Town of Smooth Rock Falls: “The advisory remains in effect until test results show that the water quality is good.
The Town of Smooth Rock Falls will notify the building owners when the boil water advisory has been lifted.” Under a boil water advisory, residents who live at properties serviced by a municipal system should not drink the water, use it to brush their teeth or use it to wash fruits or vegetables, which would be consumed without cooking.
“People should ensure that water used for cooking comes to a full boil.” Aside from concerns about drinking the water, town officials assured the water is safe enough for bathing in and washing clothes.
For more information, residents are invited to contact Kevin Labarron, public works superintendent at the Town of Smooth Rock Falls, or Denis Dolbec, the regional manager with Ontario Clean Water Agency, at 705-362-8481.

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