Boil water advisory issued for the Town of Desbarats

************************* Whenever any kind of repair or construction on the water supply system, either planned or an emergency, there is a risk of soil or other contaminates entering the water supply.
Although this risk is very low, a boil water advisory is issued to all residents, businesses and public facilities located along that area of the water system.
Until further notice, Algoma Public Health advises that you boil water for any activity where water may be ingested.
This includes: Drinking Brushing teeth Washing fruits and vegetables Drinking water from public drinking fountains in the this area.
Please follow these instructions: Bring water to a full rolling boil Continue to boil for at least one minute Let water cool before using.
This is a localized problem, and only households and businesses in the affected area will receive this notice.
What to do when the water returns When the water service is restored, we advise that you open each cold water tap, one at a time, and let them run for about 20 seconds each.
This should release any air trapped in your water lines.
If you have any questions, please contact your local Algoma Public Health office.
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