Boil Water Advisory issued for Town Mountain Road

by Kristy Steward, originally posted on February 10, 2017


The City of Asheville Water Resources Department has issued a Boil Water Advisory after a mudslide along Town Mountain Road.

The advisory covers an area in the Town Mountain Road region from Bartrams Walk Drive to Mountain Vista Drive.

Residents are encourgaged to vigorously boil tap water for 1 minute before consuming it.

City officials are performing laboratory testing and the advisory will be lifted when tests confirm the possibility of risk is not present.

Customers will receive notification that the advisory has been lifted via the same communication process as this advisory.

When water systems experience low pressure or lose pressure, there is an increased risk of contamination.

This does not mean that the water is contaminated, but that the possibility exists.

Once pressure returns, there is the possibility that some discolored water or air could be present in the lines.

Customers are advised to run cold water for 5-10 minutes or until water is clear.

Properties in the affected areas are receiving this notification via the COA automated system or door hangers.

Citizens may register for automated alerts by clicking on the Citizens Alert Sign Up Link located on the COA website

For further information, please call 251-1122, or click here.

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