Boil water advisory issued for West Hawk Lake

originally posted on August 14, 2016


The province issued a short-term boil water advisory Saturday for West Hawk Lake.

Advisories are issued in instances where drinking water may be compromised by bacteria or micro-organisms and water users are advised not to consume the water unless it is boiled for one minute, or otherwise disinfected.

Boil water advisories state that all drinking water and water used to rinse food, make formula and juice must be boiled. Avoid using the tap water to bathe or shower and do not swallow water or allow it to get into cuts or open wounds. Automatic dishwashers that use hot water and have a drying cycle will disinfect the dishes. Otherwise, disinfect the dishes with a sanitizing solution after washing them, then let them air dry.

The advisory at West hawk Lake is listed as a short-term advisory, meaning immediate steps are being taken to address the advisory, the provincial government’s web site says. The majority of advisories in this category are issued due to minor operational problems that can be easily addressed in a timely manner, it says.

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