Boil water advisory issued through Friday in Kimball Township

Originally posted on July 27, 2016


A boil water advisory will continue through Friday for Kimball Township residents impacted by Tuesday evening’s water main break.

Water was restored about 1 a.m. Wednesday.

Th water main break Tuesday evening caused water to be shut off along Griswold Road from Wadhams Road to Edward Lane.

There was a gas line near the water main break, so crews waited until it was identified before beginning to dig, as to not break the gas line.

Griswold Road was partially closed but has since opened back up, said Robert Hand, Kimball Township clerk.

Hand added the township would notify residents when the boil alert is over.

Residents should place water into a clean, heat resistant container, heat it until it reaches a rapid, rolling boil, then continue boiling for at least 5 minutes, according to the St. Clair County Health Department. After boiling for 5 minutes, allow water to cool in a second clean container and store in a refrigerator.

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