Boil water advisory lifted for Green Valley Road

By Times-Herald staff report, originally posted on October 19, 2016


A precautionary boil water advisory for Green Valley Road and Terminal Reservoir Road residents has been lifted, city officials say.

Residents on Rockville Road west of Suisun Valley Road that were affected can now also resume regular water use.

The City of Vallejo issued the statement at approximately 1 p.m. Wednesday through various social media outlets.

Some discoloration or sediment may still be found in the water, which is normal for water main repairs, the city said.

Faucets not in use since the main break may also have air in the pipelines. If this occurs, residents are advised to run cold water through a faucet without an aerator, such as a bathtub, for a few minutes until the water runs clear and there is no more air in the pipes.

The boil water advisory stemmed from an eight-foot longitudinal split found Monday on a water distribution pipeline leaving the Green Valley Water Treatment Plant.

The Treatment Plant was taken offline while crews performed necessary repairs and excavation operations to remove and replace the broken pipeline.

When water was flowing again at 6 a.m. Tuesday, water pressure in the distribution area was lower than average, prompting the advisory.

Water Division Laboratory tested water samples from seven locations in the area after repairs were made to ensure the water was unaffected by the main break.

Their tests were returned Wednesday morning and found no negative impacts to the water quality.

City officials handed out cases of bottled water Tuesday at Cordelia Fire Station and Rockville and Green Valley roads to help the estimated 400 families affected by the boil water advisory cope during the boil water advisory.

It is still unknown how much water was lost due to the brake.

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