Boil water advisory lifted, some residents still won’t drink water

Boil water advisory lifted, some residents still won’t drink water.
A boil water advisory for customers in Chadbourn was lifted Tuesday morning, but some residents said they still won’t drink it.
One woman brought two bottles to the town council meeting Tuesday night, and said she was concerned about the water clarity and smell of chlorine.
Mayor Phillip Britt and Interim Town Manager Pat Garrell assured residents that the water was tested and was completely safe to drink.
Water service was interrupted when a water main broke during installation of new lines on Brown Street.
"Naturally you’re first thing is to be frustrated but the good thing is in the long run we’re gonna have the pipes replaced," Britt said.
"So naturally your initial response is gonna be frustration, but everyone is going to be so happy when it’s over, I think everyone was very understanding for the most part, I really do."
He added that it took longer to restore because there weren’t as many cut-off points as there should be, but that it’s something they’ve fixed.
Also once the line has been turned off, if those lines fill up with air, when the water comes behind it that’s what causes some of your breaks when your water comes back on," Britt said.
The project manager for water and sewer improvements says all the work on Brown Street could take up to 12 months.

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