Boil Water Advisory remains for Central Park water

Boil Water Advisory remains for Central Park water.
Grays Harbor County Water District #2 issued a release on Labor Day for all residents in Central Park who they served about system wide water outage.
The problem was fixed, and water service was restored to many, but issues remain.
According to the district, “With the decrease in water pressure the possibility of water contamination exists.” Fuses at their pump station overheated, according to General Manager Reg Hearn.
While the fuses have been replaced, pressure takes time to build.
Residents on Reynvaan are seeing slower return, as their sub station requires adequate pressure before being turned back on.
Hearn says that crews are checking the pressure, and service should return shortly.
Testing is being done on the water, but they say that the results of any of the tests will not be available “for several days”.
Until further notice, the Water District advises residents that water used for drinking, cooking and dish washing be boiled.
If residents have questions, they can call the office at 360-532-1828 during normal business hours or email the general manager at

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