Boil water notice issued in Hamilton Twp.

by Jim Hook, originally posted on July 18, 2016


HAMILTON TOWNSHIP — The Sandy Hook Water Association has notified its customers to boil water before using it.

A chlorine dispenser malfunctioned on Sunday, according to Neil Shader, press secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.
The small private water system serves about 80 people in the area of Gilbert Road near the mountain in northwest Hamilton Township.

The advisory is in effect until the system is flushed, according to the Franklin County Department of Emergency Services.

The dispenser has been fixed, Shader said. The operator will test for bacteria for the next 2 days before lifting the advisory, provided test results are normal again.

A boil water advisory is issued when an event has degraded water quality or has the potential to adversely affect water quality.

You should use tap water that has been boiled and cooled, or bottled water for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth and food preparation until you are notified that the advisory has been lifted.

Bring all water taken from the tap to a rolling boil, let it boil for one minute and cool before using. Boiling kills bacteria and other organisms in the water.

Other precautions to take during the advisory:

  • Do not use ice made from recent tap water.
  • Do not use tap water to make drinks, juices or fountain soft drinks.
  • Do not allow water to contact open wounds.  Otherwise, wash your hands and bathe as usual. Bathing is safe as long as no water is swallowed.
  • Wash dishes, fruits and vegetables in boiled water or water that has been disinfected with bleach.
  • Brush your teeth with boiled water or commercially bottled water.
  • Cook with tap water ONLY if the food will be boiled for at least one minute.
  • People with severely compromised immune systems, infants, and some elderly may be at increased risk.  These people should seek advice about drinking water from their health care providers.
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