Bottled water, a popular choice, as Dixon continues to deal with a boil advisory

by Frances Watson, originally posted on December 27, 2016


DIXON, Mo. The city of Dixon is still struggling to get clean water after a main line ruptured on Christmas morning.

The busted waterline was fixed days ago and water is flowing through pipes. But the water samples collected for testing to make sure the water is safe was just sent in for testing Tuesday.

Until then, people are heading to the only grocery store in town to get their water.

“Water, water, water. That’s all,” says Lane Barber.

Bottle after bottle, gallon after gallon, a river of water has been flowing through his checkout line.

“Everybody that’s coming in usually has a case of water, more often than usual with their water being out,” he says.

When he’s not ringing up sales of water, he’s getting a work out. He’s stacking, boxes and crates of water onto a hand truck and rolling it across the store. From there, he restocks jugs on very limited shelf space.

He says, “It’s like electricity, you probably need it.”

Hundreds in Dixon have been going without it.

“One customer was complaining about rust in the water,” says Barber.

A boil advisory will remain in place for another few days. Bottled water seems to be the safest choice for many. The only major grocery store in town opened its doors on Christmas day. It’s normally closed. People were able to get large quantities of water they needed.

“They were really happy. We had posts on Facebook and I shared it,” says Barber.

Extra water was brought to cover the demand.

Barber says, “We’re trying. We’re the go-to.”

Even if it’s a boost in business, for Barber, the bigger boost comes with knowing people can get what they need.

In addition to water, people are buying ice, bleach to wash their dishes in or paper plates to avoid using water.

Soda fountains and ice machines at local restaurants and gas stations will remain out of order.

Officials say water testing was delayed because of Christmas.

They hope to lift the boil order by Thursday.

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