Cassowary Coast residents urged to boil drinking water due to possible contamination

originally posted on January 9, 2017


UPDATE: Cassowary Coast residents from Cardwell to El Arish should boil drinking water due to high turbidity levels in the creek systems.

A Cassowary Coast Regional Council spokesman said continuing heavy rain was

causing extremely high debris levels in the Johnstone River and this was affecting the Innisfail Water Treatment Plant and its river intake facility.

This boiled water notice applies to all communities supplied with water from Nyleta

Creek, Boulder Creek, Bulgun Creek and Meunga Creek.

Turbidity is a measure of the degree to which the water loses its transparency

Affected communities include, Cardwell and surrounds, Tully and surrounds, Mission Beach region, Kurramine Beach, Silkwood region and the El Arish region.

For further information, please contact Council on 1300 763 903.

Residents and businesses should consider bringing their water to boil for drinking, brushing teeth, washing or preparing food, preparing baby formula and making ice.

Queensland Health and the Department of Energy and Water Supply have been notified

E. coli is a possible contamination that may arise from ineffective disinfection.

E. coli has the potential to cause symptoms such as diarrhoea.

Anyone experiencing symptoms should consult a doctor for advice on treatment.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council apologises for any inconvenience and will provide

updates as they become available.

Council asks that this advice be shared with neighbours and friends in the affected area.

Residents in the Innisfail region are urged to reduce their water usage where possible until further notice.

EARLIER: Cassowary Coast residents are urged to be prepared for continued heavy rainfall and localised flooding.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a moderate flood warning for the Johnstone River and

moderate flood warning for the Tully River and is forecasting continued heavy rainfall for parts of the Cassowary Coast region including Innisfail and Tully.

Residents in low lying areas are advised to make their preparations and, if required, sand bags are available from their local SES.

Residents wishing to collect sandbags from their local SES are advised to contact them on 13 25 00.

Boat owners who have vessels moored in the Johnstone River are urged to ensure their moorings

are secure.

Localised flooding and flash flooding has already seen water over roads.


A moderate flood level warning has been issued for the Johnstone River catchment.

Rainfall totals up to approximately 350mm have been recorded across the Johnstone River

catchment since 9am Sunday, with much of this falling overnight. Further heavy rainfall is

expected during Monday morning.


Moderate flood levels are likely at Euramo later on Monday.

Rainfall totals close to 300mm have been recorded in parts of the Tully River catchment since 9am Sunday, with much of this falling overnight.

Further heavy rainfall is expected this morning.

EARLIER TODAY: The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a minor flood warning for the Russell River today.

Rainfall close to 350mm has been recorded in parts of the river catchment since 9am yesterday, with much of this falling overnight.

Further heavy rainfall is expected this morning.

River level rises are being observed across the Russell River catchment, with minor flood levels likely later today if current rainfall continue.

Flood Safety Advice:

If it’s flooded, forget it.

For flood emergency assistance contact the SES on 132 500.

For life threatening emergencies, call triple-0 (000) immediately.

Current emergency information is available at


Russell River at Bucklands TM — 4.27m at 12:28am today.

Babinda Creek at The Boulders TM — 1.33m at 12:23am today

Russell River at Clyde Rd — -0.08m and rising at 5:33am today.

The next warning will be issued by 11am.

EARLIER TODAY: The Bureau of Meteorology has cancelled a severe thunderstorm warning for Far North Queensland.

The immediate threat of severe thunderstorms has passed, but the situation will continue to be monitored and further warnings will be issued if necessary.

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