Chennai colleges scout for alternative water sources as vacation ends

CHENNAI: As colleges are going to reopen soon against the backdrop of water scarcity in the city, many colleges are coming up with alternative water resources, such as borewells, artificial ponds and other ways of conserving water in order to meet the needs of the students.
Colleges are investing in these facilities as they feel the Metro Water supply may not be sufficient.
As there is no additional supply from Metro Water and the existing supply might not be sufficient, the university intends to increase the number of borewells.
“We have started looking for locations for borewells.
L Elango, Head of Geology department, who is in-charge of locating borewells, said at present there are no students, so there is no issue for the time being.
All the rain water is collected in this sump,” said Vincent, adding that another important practice is recycling water.
If need be, we can also use groundwater facility.” The vice-chairman of RMK Engineering College said that the college has been using borewell water.
We have an artificial pond where we store rainwater.
We have three to four borewells.
But after the college reopens, there might be some problem if there is no proper rainfall.

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