City lifts precautionary boil order

City lifts precautionary boil order.
After a more than 24-hour boil water advisory, the city of Fort Wayne announced about 4 p.m. Saturday that the advisory had been lifted.
A release said, “tests on drinking water completed (Saturday) show that the water (is) free from any contamination and is safe.” City Utilities and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management therefore ended the boil advisory, stating in the release that there was no further need for precautions and the water was safe to drink.
On Friday, the precautionary advisory was enacted after a water distribution system lost pressure in a few locations after a power surge at an I&M circuit breaker.
City Utilities issued the advisory as a precaution even though the water continued to be adequately treated, according to the release.
“All testing done throughout the day showed the water to be well within the parameters of safe water,” the release stated.
City Utilities apologized for any inconvenience it may have caused customers.

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