City of Johnsonville issues boil water advisory

Johnsonville, S.C. (WPDE) — The City of Johnsonville has issued a boil water advisory that will remain in effect until further notice, according to a release.
City officials say a truck ran over a fire hydrant and the city’s water system continued to lose pressure rapidly until the situation was under control after midnight.
Some residents said they were without water for a few hours Tuesday night.
Officials said they’re running tests on water samples to make sure it’s okay.
The city offered the following tips: Bring water to a rolling boil and keep it there for at least 1 full minute.
Then, let it cool before using.
Stop using appliances and equipment that use drinkable water, such as dishwashers, icemakers, tea brewers and coffee makers.
Use disposable paper, plastic or foam plates, cups, forks, etc.
Prepare food using water that has been boiled.
Wash hands with water that has been boiled and cooled.

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