Climate of change: Pumping up efforts to avert water shortage in India

With India largely dependent on tempestuous monsoons to meet its water needs, a prolonged drought caused by climate change has always been a clear and present danger.
With a government think-tank warning that major Indian cities are in danger of running out of water by 2020, The Sunday Times looks at the various ways the residents of Bengaluru and the authorities are working to ensure the city’s water security.
The spectre of a prolonged dry spell caused by climate change hangs ominously over India, a country that has seen droughts kill millions of people.
India depends almost entirely on the vagaries of rainfall to provide water to its citizens.
That’s why although this year’s south-west monsoon kicked off with a bang – causing massive flooding and deaths in the southern states like Kerala – there is serious cause for concern about water scarcity after it ended with a whimper.
What’s more, 12 of the country’s 36 meteorological sub-divisions experienced "deficient" rainfall.

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