Contaminated water supply puts Shopian on brink of disease outbreak

Contaminated water supply puts Shopian on brink of disease outbreak.
“We have been provided 24-hour water supply but the water is dirty, mixed with sand and mud.
This water is not fit for drinking,” Muhammad Amin Wagay from Pinjora said.
Tariq Ahmed Pir, a resident of Alyalpora said that the supplied water is so dirty that on occasions, domestic animals also refuse to drink it.
The authorities are not taking the issues seriously.
The drinking water supply feeder near Killora village for 36 villages of Rampathri area is filled with sand and mud up to 11.5 feet.
Authorities say due to the huge mixture of sand and mud with water these filters gets filled with sand and mud within three days and the department has no effective mechanism to clean them regularly.
“The contractors of Mughal Road put all the soil, sand and other material on the banks of rivulet, when snow starts melting and due to heavy rain all the mud flows into the river and contaminates the water,” a group of PHE employees said.
Beig said the issue of contaminated water supply is known to the chief minister.
About 25 water supply schemes get water from Rambiara Rivulet, our filtration plants only have capacity to filter the large dirty particles, he said.

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