Contamination spurs pool closure, boil advisory

originally posted on August 3, 2016


A Jacksonville apartment swimming pool is closed after a backflow device failed and pool water flowed into the water supply.

The closure on Wednesday shut down the pool at Arlington West Apartments near Western Boulevard.

“There is no evidence of contamination in the apartments, but a failed device may have allowed some contamination in an area around a pool,” according to a release by the city.

The city since imposed an advisory recommending residents to boil water, Assistant City Manager Glenn Hargett said.

“There were multiple tests taken,” Hargett said. “Since we put that release out, they have confirmed the device failed. They have one being brought up from Wilmington.”

The city tested for coliform bacteria and other contaminants. Hargett said it was unclear which contaminant was found.

“The saltwater got back to the pipes,” he said. “No evidence of contamination was found in the (apartment) office.”

The notice is not mandatory, however.

“The City of Jacksonville is recommending, if you live in the apartments, that you boil water for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth and food preparation,” according to the release. “Water should be brought to a … boil for one minute.”

The advisory remains in place. The city will test water at the site 24-48 hours after service is restored before lifting the advisory.

For more information, call City Utilities Maintenance at 910-938-5234 or visit, which has a posting about the advisory. Specifics are posted at for information.

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