Death in the pot

You are taking grave risk if you plan to have food at a restaurant in the city.
Water scarcity has hit around 600 hotels and restaurants.
Since hotels and restaurants remain open from early morning to late evening, they require huge quantities of water.
Branded restaurants too have taken measures to tackle the situation.
“Till a few days back, the staff was barely aware of the need to conserve water.
They’d keep the tap running when washing dishes.
While smaller restaurants have to bear the brunt of water scarcity, others which have borewells, open wells or the capacity to hire a large number of tankers have not been affected.
So far, we have served notices to many restaurants and also recommended action against seven to eight,” she said.
She also added that the raids would be intensified in the coming days to keep a check on whether the restaurants are making compromises with the quality of water which is being served to the customers.
Take time to train them on proper dishwasher prep and loading.

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