Depleted water resources, unquenched thirst, parched throats

Depleted water resources, unquenched thirst, parched throats.
Repally, a small village under Manavapadu mandal under Alampur Taluk of Jogulamba Gadwal district is under severe drinking water crises, as all drinking water sources in the village have dried up except two hand bores.
With summer temperature going up every passing day, the villagers are now expressing apprehensions about the possible predicament they would encounter even these two hand bores go dry in the days ahead.
“We are having only two hand bores to serve the drinking water supply to the entire village.
We have neither an overhead water tank nor adequate underground water supply pipelines to supply tap water to our households.
We are suffering from drinking water scarcity since many years now.
Though the leaders come and promise many things, they are confined only to elections,” says a woman of the village.
With severe drinking water crises arising in the village, old, young and even the school going children are standing in long queues at the hand bores to get their share of water.
The villagers are urging the government authorities to immediately ease their water woes and construct overhead water tank to supply water to each household through water pipelines.
By Amrut Raju Sponsored

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