Drinking water scarcity leaves Amma canteens parched

The yield from borewells has come down, water purifying facilities are in a shambles, Metrowater has stopped supply in sumps and the Amma canteen workers get water primarily from unsafe sources.
But Metrowater has reduced supply to many of the canteens to once in four or five days.
According to estimates, normal operations have been affected in more than 50% of the canteens in various parts of the city as Metrowater supply has been irregular.
Another former councillor, Kalarimuthu, said workers of the canteen walk 50 metres to get water for the canteen.
“Only one of the two canteens in the neighbourhood of Ripon Buildings has Metrowater water supply and a borewell,” he said.
Decline in supply Chennai Corporation officials said more than 100 Amma canteens rely on borewells for water supply.
The supply of water in many such canteens has come down for the first time, said an official.
“Some Amma Canteens are unable to source water even for cooking,” said an official.
Metrowater has stopped giving water also to private operators, reducing commercial supply to hotels.
“The number of visitors to our Amma Canteen has reduced by 20% because of water scarcity.

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