Drones and rockets could be used for cloud-seeding, say experts

Drones and rockets could be used for cloud-seeding, say experts.
ABU DHABI // Drones and rockets could be used as part of a much-needed technological overhaul of how countries utilise cloud seeding, experts said on Tuesday.
New technology and more effective cloud-seeding materials should be used to tackle water scarcity, said Dr Richard Behnke, a fellow of the American meteorological society and former head of geospace research at the US national science foundation.
At present, the sole method of cloud seeding uses aircraft to release pure salt crystal, silver iodide, potassium iodide or dry ice into the atmosphere, which fosters cloud precipitation.
As such, developing innovative rain enhancement solutions with the help of technological progress was imperative, Dr Behnke said.
Dr Behnke, chair of the international reviewers committee of the UAE Research Programme for Rain Enhancement Science, said the research proposals showed how beneficial new technology could be.
The scheme is managed by the UAE National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology.
The programme invites researchers and institutions across the globe to file research proposals.
"We have seen proposals about new cloud-seeding materials, which are better than the existing ones, including some innovative technology and nano-technology," Dr Behnke said.
"This is the way we need to approach cloud seeding and rain enhancement and work together globally to tackle the issue of water security."

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