Dubois Water customers under advisories

by Bill Powell, originally posted on June 7, 2016


JASPER — Dubois Water Utilities has three separate areas under boil advisories, including one affecting customers in Jasper’s Meridian Road and Whoderville area.

Meanwhile, last week’s boil advisory affecting customers of the Town of Dale water system was lifted at 1 p.m. Saturday.

Although three groups of customers of the Dubois Water Utilities are under boil advisories, a spokeswoman estimated that fewer than 100 homes are affected.

One of Dubois Water Utilities’ boil advisories is for customers along State Road 164 in the Meridian Road and Whoderville area. Another is north of Dubois in the Zehr Road area. The third is between those two points, south of Dubois in the County Road 325E area.

All are for separate leaks and it is just a coincidence they are occurring at the same time, according to a utility spokeswoman.

A large main break in the Whoderville area east of Jasper saw customers living along State Road 164 from Jasper-Dubois Road to Meridian Road, the Whoderville subdivision and the end of Trainer Lane placed under a boil order Saturday.

Customers will be notified when the advisory is lifted. In a best-case scenario, if all test samples come back OK, the boil order could be lifted at noon Wednesday.

The Zehr Road advisory area includes customers on County Road 500E from Zehr Road to County Road 600N, including the customers on County Road 600N. That boil order also went into effect Saturday.

On Monday, another leak in the County Road 325E area found customers in the area of Jasper-Dubois Road and County Road 300N under an advisory. That boil area proceeds north 2,500 feet from the intersection of county roads 325E and 300N and 3,000 west of that intersection. If all test samples come back OK, the boil order could be lifted Thursday. If not, the advisory will remain in place.

All customers will be notified when their advisory is lifted by either an automated phone message, alert text message, in-person visit or a tag or note left on their door.

Anyone with questions or the need to update contact information can call Dubois Water Utilities at 812-678-5161.

During boil advisories, customers in an affected area should bring drinking and cooking water to a rolling boil for five minutes before consuming.

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